Project Euler, ruby

Project Euler in Ruby

I recently started solving project Euler. I am using Ruby to solve these problems. My aim is to get results in optimum time. I try refraining myself from using brute force however I have used them couple of places where the sample data was limited and it did not make any considerable difference in performance.


In the process I also tried implementing a few mathematical algorithms like – Fermat’s Factorization and Quadratic Sieve wherever necessary. Its a great experience solving these problems. Given the nature of these problems it demands you to be intelligent in your approach. Many times its quite tempting to use brute force and I did that too (ended up restarting my crashed laptop).

And boy! its fascinatingly addictive. I’ve been digging wiki for countless algorithms, analyzing their pros and cons and selecting them accordingly for my solution – and not to mention coding them.

As Project Euler discourages posting answers online, I won’t be posting answers however I will be sharing my solutions. In the end of each solution I have posted Ruby Benchmark score calculated on my system.

Here’s the link to my GitHub repository:

Its a work in progress, so feel free to fork it, star it and collaborate to make it better.

Cheers! 🙂


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