The Video Pop-up Plugin: WordPress

This plugin is still not released. You can access the source code here: https://github.com/meshivam/the-video-popup-plugin

Its been long since I originally wrote this plugin, however I think now it would be nice to get it out in the wordpress repository and let it live its life!

This post serves as the formal introduction to the plugin. Let’s start from the basics.

What do you mean by video pop-ups?
A Pop-up launches when you visit certain websites. Their main aim is to try to catch the visitors attention and to bring something to their notice. As the plugin name suggests, it will help you pop-up videos on your site.

Currently the plugin supports only youtube videos. I hope to extent support for vimeo soon by the next version upgrade.

When is the pop-up triggered?
The pop-up is triggered when the user scrolls to the bottom of the page (footer). This makes sure user has least distractions on the site, only when he reaches to the end, he gets the pop-up. This makes its less annoying for visitors. However future version may provide customization over trigger.

How to setup the plugin?
Once you install the plugin to your site, you need to activate it. After the plugin is activated, you can find ‘Video Popup’ Ā settings in your dashboard left pane.


Click on the ‘Video Popup’ setting button to get the settings page. As below:


By default the height is 325px and width is 420px. You can however define your own custom dimensions.

Once you save changes, the popup gets activated.


Users have the option of minimizing/maximizing the video.


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