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Pause/Resume Downloads With ‘wget’

You have to admit when it comes to downloading, nothing beats wget. However almost every time I say this I find someone complaining about a pause option. So here’s a little less known trick for beginners.

press 'Ctrl + C' to pause the download which you started normally using something like this:
wget some_random_archive_file.zip

Now to resume it go to the same location where you were downloading and wget the download file with -c option.
wget -c some_random_archive_file.zip

And your download will resume from where it was paused. Enjoy! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Pause/Resume Downloads With ‘wget’

  1. Jeff Caligari says:

    Hi, What if you didnt use the Ctrl -c to pause it?
    Perhaps the batterry died or the WiFi dropped out.
    Can you still resume?

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